ID Scanning Software - Retail Guardian

Retailers are required to take "all reasonable precautions and exercise all due diligence" to avoid the sale of age restricted products to children. One effective way of doing this is to implement age verification software at the till and we are pleased to be working in partnership with Retail Guardian to provide the latest innovative technology to enable retailers to meet their legal obligations.

The Retail Guardian fingerprint scanning abilities allow you to record when you have verified a persons ID, meaning that the next time they shop at your establishment you can be safe knowing that a quick and easy swipe of a fingerprint is all that's needed to keep you protected.

Our biometrics offer an unparalleled resolution, which allows us to verify identity using only a single finger for enrolment. This new innovative revolutionary retail management solution which solves problems in the retail industry, some of which are -

  • Age verification with biometric scanning
  • Automatic customer refusal record
  • Monitor of training
  • Time keeping for staff
  • ID capture
  • Staff notices
  • Staff job lists
  • Staff rota system
  • File management system
  • Fridge temperature monitor system

Retail Guardian provide a 30 day full money back guarantee. You can find out more information about the Retail Guardian offer in this brochure (PDF, 1MB) or by e-mailing Or you can place an order for Retail Guardian here.

Demonstration Video