Retailers Against Crime 

Founded in 1997, we are a national, not for profit crime partnership. We help detect and deter crime, including acts of violence by sharing information on local and travelling offenders to our members in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North West of England.

We provide tailored services aimed at protecting member profits and maintaining a safe environment for retail staff and customers. Our main objective is to prevent prolific, organised and travelling offenders from entering and impacting on member premises.

Our specialised staff analyse offenders, identify their methods, their associates and locations targeted. This enables us to forewarn our members who can then detect and deter crime before it happens. RAC identify over 30% of previously unknown suspects, often resulting in prosecution.

We are at the forefront in identifying and providing intelligence on organised crime groups, many of whom are involved in other criminal activities including drugs, firearms, trafficking and terrorism.

We work together with crime partnerships and police forces across the UK sharing relevant intelligence on travelling offenders and organised crime groups.

Our customised training programmes assist staff in detecting and deterring crime.

Retail Crime is an industry and has a significant financial impact upon retail and the economy. It can also have a detrimental effect on staff and customers.

Businesses that invest in crime reduction measures and education to deter crime help create an environment where staff feel supported, businesses thrive and customers return.

As a community interest company, education is integral to what we do.

We provide workshops to the wider community, including educating the younger generation on the effects of crime, investing in their future.

RAC is committed to changing the way that retail crime is perceived by the younger generation.

We teach children how to keep themselves and their families safe from crime. Our workshops have the added advantage of acting as a deterrent to committing crime.

Research suggests that the average large retailer spends in excess of £2 million a year on crime and loss prevention.

We highlight the serious consequences that shoplifting, fraud and employee theft can have on local businesses, the community, the economy as well as the serious effect it can have on their future careers.

RAC is equally committed to engaging with the wider community by circulating crime prevention information to town centres and BID’s promoting awareness and public safety.

Customised training workshops are provided to college retail management students and employability programmes assisting young people to gain skills helping them back into work.

These programmes provide advice on what crimes are committed in retail and how to detect and deter them.Retailers Against Crime CIC.

“Working together and sharing information is key to reducing crime.”