Quality Policy

Under Age Sales Ltd is committed to providing high quality products and services for its customers and users.

Through the determination and dedication of its employees and consultants, Under Age Sales Ltd has demonstrated an ability to provide a high level of service and technical knowledge in supporting businesses that supply age restricted goods and through the distribution of high quality products.

The philosophy of continuous improvement is key to our success and so we invest a proportionate amount of time and funds into the structure of the business and the people within it. As a social enterprise, our primary motive is not profit but furthering our social objective of preventing harm to children and nuisance caused by young people from access to restricted goods.

Maintaining and thoroughly applying our quality standard to the latest current level will ensure that we continue to achieve high a standard of customer satisfaction.

Investment in training all levels of personnel will provide a framework within which everyone has the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and progress within the company. The success of an employee or consultant will not only be demonstrated by their capability but by how positive they feel about their role within the company.

The company is working towards to satisfying the requirements of BS EN ISO9001:2000, all relevant legal and third party requirements.

The company will promote itself to any market that is identified as a potential source of interest. Any promotion, be it by personal representation or printed word, will conform to a policy of being clear, accurate and concise at all times. The company will maintain a form of corporate literature that demonstrates its product range and services.

Our Aim is to become ‘A first choice supplier’ with customers who need advice, guidance or training on any matter related to the sale of age restricted products.