Primary Authority

Primary Authority - Assured Advice

Our Compliance Advisors provide you with high quality professional advice on how to prevent under age sales. You can now benefit from having this advice assured by Trading Standards through the Primary Authority - Assured Advice Scheme.

Under Age Sales Ltd has entered in to a Memorandum of Understanding with Stockport Council Trading Standards Service to operate as the Primary Authority for businesses that sign up and agree to abide by our compliance advice. The scheme is free-of-charge for our businesses, provided you utilise our training courses. There is a small annual fee for businesses using alternate training providers.

This means that our clients will benefit through the provision of specialist advice on most aspects of age restricted sales legislation. Advice provided by Stockport Council Trading Standards Service will come with an assurance that it will be respected by all local regulators preventing inconsistent interpretation of regulations.

Please note: This partnership only applies to England and Wales.

Primary authoirty