PASS Card Suppliers

Proving age can often be difficult especially with the rise of passport thefts on nights out. There is, however, a way around this issue. The PASS card was founded in 2001 and to date there is no evidence that the hologram has been forged or used on other cards.

Carrying a PASS card can avoid embarrassment and help you prove your age when questioned. The retailer simply has to check the date of birth and the photo and the customer is then entitled to the goods or services they requested.

There are several suppliers across the country that supply this card and we work in conjunction with these to help young people ensure they are being safe when out and about and also keep retailers compliant.



£15 Standard / £30  Urgent

OneId4U £12.99 Standard/ £19.99 Urgent


Validate UK £15 Standard/ £25 Urgent
Young Scot Free of charge to everyone aged 11-25 years living in Scotland