Online Age Verification

Online suppliers of age restricted goods and services are required to undertake age verification of customers. This can be done through proprietary identity verification solutions, technology solutions or specialist age check data providers.

In March 2018, the Digital Policy Alliance in partnership with the British Standards Institute introduced a new Code of Practice for Online Age Checking - Provision and use of online age check services. This publicly available standard is called PAS 1296:2018.

We can provide independent third-party validation against the requirements of PAS 1296:2018 enabling organisations to certify conformity. Currently there are no organisations providing UKAS accredited third-party certification, so third-party validation is the only means of independent claims of conformity.

Our validation services verify the organisations approach to:

  • Age Checking Policy
  • Trust Capability
  • Audit Trails
  • Intelligent Monitoring and Customer Support Systems
  • Attribute Request and Associated Metadata
  • Age Check Exchange

We also provide training webinars and support to organisations seeking to implement online age verification services.

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