The impact of banning the sale of acid to those under 18

Thursday, 19 October 2017  |  Admin

At the recent Conservative party conference, Amber Rudd declared that she is aiming to ban the sale of acid to those under the age of 18, proclaiming: “acid attacks are absolutely revolting.” There has been a horrific increase in acid attacks in the UK, as teens seem to be choosing acid as a weapon of choice to carry out vindictive assaults against others. The BBC recently reported that since 2012, assaults involving corrosive substances have more than doubled in England.

At Under Age Sales, we believe that something must be done to prevent acid attacks taking place, and the first step to do this is preventing young people purchasing corrosive substances in the first place. Therefore, we support the government’s decision to push forward with banning the sale of acid to those under 18. The impact that these attacks have on innocent people is shocking, changing victims’ lives forever.

Retailers must be aware that if the ban does succeed, and they are backed by a law preventing the sale of acid to young people, proxy purchasing may still take place, where older friends and family members attempt to buy these substances for someone under 18. It is worth noting, that young people can currently legally buy corrosive substances, however, retailers are not compelled to sell, regardless of the person’s age, if they feel that the use of the products will be with malicious intent.

Therefore, it is extremely important that retailers keep up to date with the developments in this story so they are aware of any changes that may be taking place in the industry. Retailers must understand their role in the wider community to help prevent any more of these attacks being committed by young people, who weren’t prevented from accessing what is a very harmful product.

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