AUS V UK: the use of alcohol amongst under 16s

Wednesday, 12 July 2017  |  Admin

Hot weather, golden beaches and an abundance of poisonous animals are not the only things that differentiate Australia from the UK. Recent reports from the National Drug Strategy household survey show that 18 per cent of Australian teenagers drink alcohol – a surprisingly low figure when compared with British reports, which show that 69 per cent of 15 year olds in the UK illegally drink alcohol. When we compare the 2 per cent of Australian 11-15 years olds who have tried smoking to the 18 per cent of British children the same age, a lot of questions are raised amongst the team at Under Age Sales, primarily:

  1. Why is the percentage so much lower in Australia?

  2. Why does the UK have such a high proportion of underage drinkers and smokers?

  3. What strategy has Australia implemented to generate such results?

  4. How can the UK emulate it?

As well as educating teenagers on the dangers of engaging in underage smoking and alcohol use, retailers need to work together in order to limit the access young people have to these restricted items.

At Under Age Sales, we provide nationally accredited training packages  to help retailers and their teams understand the laws surrounding the sale of cigarettes and alcohol to under 18s, and how to comply with them.

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