From Cs to Class As: preventing the sale of restricted products to youths after GCSEs

Tuesday, 27 June 2017  |  Admin

With GCSEs nearing completion and almost 5.5million teenagers preparing for a summer break before starting further education in September, retailers can expect an increase in the number of under 18s attempting to purchase restricted products, including alcohol.

Whilst many believe that 15 and 16 year olds deserve a break after the hard work put in over the decade of their education, there can be something more sinister underlying the desire for seeking out alcohol. Recent reports from Bristol University show that those who use Class C drugs, such as cannabis, are 37 times more likely to be hooked on nicotine and three times more likely to be problem drinkers than non-users of the drug.

Whilst retailers are unable to control the sale of drugs, they can be responsible for restricting access of alcohol and cigarettes to under 18s and help reduce the implications of consuming it.

Retailers can access nationally accredited training packages via Under Age Sales, to help their teams understand and adhere to the laws relating to the sale of age restricted products. The training courses will not only help retailers prevent the illegal sales, but it could provide the owner/manager with proof of due diligence in an instance of an illegal transaction.