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A CONVENIENCE store which sold alcohol to underage teenagers on two occasions has escaped having its licence revoked - but it has been suspended for two months.
At a meeting of the St Helens Council Licensing Sub-Committee, Trading Standards requested the licence be revoked at the AKL Convenience Store, on Robins Lane, Sutton.
The store had sold alcohol twice to underage children in two separate test purchases conducted in April and August last year which took place following reports of anti-social behaviour from youths in the area.

On April 15 licence holder Mrs Ithayarani Kumaraguru sold a bottle of blue WKD to a 14-year-old girl and four months later a 17-year-old boy bought a pack of four Carlsbergs from the store and the cashier, Frigil Tuluktady, a relative of Mrs Kumaraguru did not speak to him apart from to request the money he owed.
The committee heard that Trading Standards were requested by Merseyside Police to participate in an operation to conduct test purchases at licensed premises believed to be selling alcohol to under 18s years in response to cases of anti-social behaviour.
Michael Reed, Trading Standards Officer, said: "The background to the review is anti-social behaviour being reported to police and the negative effect this has on residents. It's also worth remembering alcohol increases risk to children's health.
"Trading Standards did 42 test purchases on businesses in St Helens and there were three sales, two came from AKL.
"This is all going to start again with the longer evenings and better weather."
It was also stated on a visit to the store after the sale, police found 17 bottles of 3-litre cider on the floor which should have been in a counter chilled area. And the store was found to only have CCTV images stored for seven days, rather than the required 31.
The committee heard Mrs Kumaraguru has this month requested the licence be transferred to her husband's name with immediate effect.
Andrea Forrest, who represented the licence holder, said: "The police have supported the application based on historic problems which have been rectified. You must take into the account that these warnings were adhered to and changed the licence holder. Check CCTV, Check your Training, call for assistance underagesales,