Under Age Sales embarks on partnership with retail software provider

Thursday, 15 September 2016  |  Admin

Responsible retailers will take all reasonable precautions to avoid the sale of age restricted products to minors. To continue supporting shop owners to do so, Under Age Sales has teamed up with Retail Guardian, a software system which makes it easier and quicker for retailers to meet their legal obligations.

Retail GuardiaN is a backend software system which helps retailers verify the identifications and age of customers using fingerprint technology. The system works by offering retailers the chance to scan and log the fingerprints of customers who have proven their age using a passport or driver’s license. This means if a regular customer forgets their ID on a future visit, they can they can easily swipe their finger on the piece of biometric scanning equipment to prove their age.

It also effectively alerts staff to customers who have previously been refused the sale of age restricted products, benefiting both retailers and customers.

Sometimes, simply asking for proof of age isn’t enough. Through its advanced and innovative technology, we hope Retail Guardian will help to revolutionise the work of independent retailers and support them in carrying out their day-to-day work legally and effectively.

Do you want further information on how you can get Retail Guardian in your store? Give us a call on 0345 257 0018 or email info@underagesales.co.uk