Vary a Premise Licence to specify a new DPS

A mandatory condition on every Premise Licence stipulates that you must have a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) in order to sell alcohol.

Every DPS must hold a Personal Licence. For more information on this visit our page on Personal Licence Applications.

If you are applying for the grant of a new Premise Licence you will specify the DPS in your application. You will also need to obtain the written consent of the proposed DPS.

If you have purchased a store that already has a Premise Licence and nominated DPS or your DPS is leaving you will need to submit an application to vary the licence to specify a new DPS. Again, you will need the written consent of your proposed DPS.

Complicated? It doesn't have to be!

Let us ensure that all your Licenses are up to date and that your applications are completed correctly. This will save you time and money.

An incorrectly completed application will be rejected and could cost you more if you need to re-submit.

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