Minor Variation

What is a minor variation?

A minor variation is making small changes to your premise licence that would not have a negative impact on any of the licensing objectives.

It is cheaper and quicker than both the full variation or new application processes.

It can be used for small changes, such as:

  • small changes to the structure or layout of a premises
  • a reduction to your licensing hours
  • revisions, removals or the addition of additions of conditions

You cannot use a minor variation for the following:

  • add the supply of alcohol to a licence
  • extend your licensing hours for the sale or supply of alcohol
  • transfer the licence
  • specify an individual as the designated premises supervisor (DPS)
  • remove any mandatory conditions

Not sure if you can use a minor variation to make the changes you want? Then let us ensure that the changes you propose are possible and that your application is completed correctly, saving you time and money.

An incorrectly completed application will be rejected and could cost you more.

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