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We provide a range of products and support services to assist law enforcement officers with age restricted sales enforcement activity.

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These include:

Professional Accredited Training for Officers - We provide the CTSI Accredited Introduction to Under Age Sales Enforcement and the Advanced Practitioner in Under Age Sales Enforcement courses. These courses are ideal for Trading Standards Officers, Police Officers, Community Safety Officers, Licensing Officers and Town/District Centre Managers. They are also suitable for legal professionals working in the retail or private sector. Take a look at our course prospectus (PDF 0.5MB) or book your place on our next course by clicking on the links below.


Test Purchasing Support - The management and coordination of test purchasing can be very challenging, time and resource intensive. The task of maintaining a suitable bank of volunteers, ensuring their protection and welfare, working out-of-hours, delivering a programme of checks on compliance and guaranteeing a follow up educational support visit after each failed test purchase is extensive. Take a look at our information leaflet (PDF 0.7MB) about how law enforcement can bring in additional support and resources on an ad hoc basic to support local test purchasing programmes.

Alternative Sanctions - We provide a means to take shop workers and bar staff out of the criminal justice system if they fail test purchases by providing a process for training and community resolution. In a similar approach to speed awareness training for drivers, our training provision can be tailored to provide an improvement scheme that enables swift resolution without the need for prosecutions or formal enforcement action. Our process is fully compliant with the new PND-E provisions and the out-of-court disposals processes. Take a look at our information leaflet (PDF 0.7MB) or contact us for more information.


Retailer Training Programmes - We provide a full range of retailer training programmes including CTSI Do you PASS? Training, Highfield Level 2 BTEC Classroom Courses for Retailers, Awards for Personal Licence Holders and our own EdExcel Awards in Preventing Under Age Sales. See our course prospectus or visit the Learning Zone for more information.



The Law of Age Restricted Sales - We provide the authoritative and comprehensive legal text book on all aspects of age restricted sales law in England and Wales. The book covers everything from alcohol to tattoos. It also includes a full schedule of all 238 age restricted goods and includes the latest changes such as electronic cigarettes, TV on demand services, sunbeds and social networking. Order your copy of the book now by clicking on the link below.

COMING SOON - E-Book Version Available on all major formats - DUE FOR RELEASE DURING JULY 2015

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Annual Test Purchase Programme

Annual Test Purchase Programme£99.00

4 Offline Test Purchases with full reporting to show compliance + two point of sale posters

Virtual Learning Booking

Virtual Learning Booking£35.00


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