Failed Test Purchase

Failed a Test Purchase and need some help on what to do next? Worried about failing a test purchase and what will happen?

Don't panic. We can help you. 

Call us on 0345 257 0018 to speak to an experienced compliance advisor to understand what will happen next. 

No hidden fees. No sudden charges. We will help you understand what to do next and will calmly help you through the process.

We have prepared some frequently asked questions which will help you to understand what happens when a test purchase is failed.


Penalty Notice - Education Option

If you have been issued with a Penalty Notice for making an under age sale of alcohol, the officer issuing the notice may have given you an 'education option' or the central ticket office for the local police force may have written to you to offer an 'education option'. If they have you need to click here to tell us the details of your penalty notice so that we can issue your education workbook.

Further Help

Our team are also available Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm by calling 0345 257 0018. We are happy to help with anything you may need and are specialists in helping small independent businesses tackle under age sales. We provide training to suit your needs and can provide all the equipment that you need to be fully compliant! We can help save your licence if you fail a trading standards or police test purchase. CALL TODAY!!