About Us


We are a social enterprise that specializes in supporting retailers of age restricted products in the UK. Our ethos is to be a comprehensive and authoritative source of information, training and support. We help businesses to get it right first time.

Please feel free to explore our website, you will find information about the rules, regulations and guidance for avoiding selling restricted goods to children and young people.

We offer comprehensive and, if needed, intensive support to mainly small, independent retailers. You could be a sole trader, part of a chain, one of the symbol or fascia groups, or a franchisee. We can help you to secure your business and retain your trading licences.

We are accredited by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute to provide nationally recognised training and we are an Edexcel accredited centre. Our training is excellent, low cost and suited to your needs.

We provide specialist advice to retailers about how to set up their systems and procedures to avoid illegal sales to children and young people. The best time to utilise our services is at "Start Up" or "Step Up" - perhaps when you decide to develop the quality and presentation of your offer to customers (such as when you join a Symbol or Fascia group).

We offer all of the point of sale materials you may need to help prevent under age sales. These are all available to buy on our site. If there is anything you require and cannot see it on this site, please call us on 0345 257 0018 and we will endeavour to supply it.

We also provide help when you are in trouble. You may have failed a test purchase by Trading Standards or the Police, you may be facing prosecution, you may be facing licensing sanctions. We can help to keep you in business, but you must ACT FAST and call us NOW, so we can get started on protecting your licence.

As a social enterprise, we continuously reinvest the majority of our profits in our business and achieving our social outcomes set out in our Programme for Change (PDF 0.5MB). We commission economic and social research in the field of age restricted sales. We are autonomous of the state, achieving our profits through trading and being open and transparent in what we do.



Our Affiliates

We work with a small number of carefully selected organisations as affiliates. This means that they refer customers to us and we pay them a commission for doing so. The organisations that we work with include trade associations, service providers and public authorities. We can also offer group discount codes for membership organisations. To find out more about this, please contact us.

Our Team

We have a team of specialists with substantial experience of working on under age sales enforcement and compliance activities. You can find out more about our team below:

Tony Allen

Head of Certification and Age Check Certification Scheme founder and owner of Under Age Sales Ltd. Tony is a Chartered Trading Standards Professional having spent more than 20 years working in trading standards including leading under age sales enforcement activity for Trading Standards North West, advising the government on under age sales legislation and just onto the third edition on the law of age restricted sales in England and Wales. He has helped establish the company as the UK's leading source of authoritative support for all issues relating to under age sales. 

Anne-Marie Canham

Anne-Marie was appointed as the new Managing Director in March having worked as the Business Development Executive from February 2017.
Her background at Spar Wholesaler, James Hall & Co Ltd for over 10 years has brought a wealth of experience in compliance, retail training and product development, previously teaching at the University of Central Lancashire in the Department of International Hospitality Management, where Anne-Marie began her career in the sector in Management, working across the UK and in France.
 “I am delighted to be taking on this challenge. I’m passionate about the protection of children from harm and supporting retailers on the front line against young people attempting to access age restricted products.

John Cassin

Our Senior Compliance Advisor, John has spent 22 years working in trading standards and now leads our team of Compliance Advisors. He has extensive experience of under age sales enforcement operations and can use this to assist stores in becoming compliant. John has assisted to help retailers protect their Licenses and has 100% success rate in providing the correct compliance advice from store to hearing stage working with the authorities to enable an amicable outcome for both parties.

Caroline McGahan                                                                                                                                                                             


With 14 years experience in customer service, sales and training Caroline initially arrived in a customer support role three years ago,  we are delighted to announce that she recently accepted the role of Executive Communications Co-ordinator. Caroline's wealth of knowledge and engagement with our diverse clientele base including major suppliers meant that she became the heart of communications, dealing with every aspect of the business including qualifications ensuring that a high standard is always maintained. She also deals with Events and Social Media Campaigns. 

Danielle Bradbury

Danielle has over 13 years experience in administration and customer support role, she has expertise in dealing with difficult situations having worked in a Doctors Surgery. Arriving in a customer support role three years ago she has soon grown to  know every aspect to the business.  We are delighted to announce that Danielle just recently accepted the position of Executive Accounts Secretary. Danielle is at the heart of the business she enables the business to function on a daily basis, ensuring that high standards from order to delivery of all our products meets within our high quality specifications she manages the whole supply chain.  Danielle also ensures that all of our accounting system is up to date and accurate.